We create Digital Storytelling from the Digital Humanities to tell, connect and influence. This field allows ethical, responsible, and innovative reflection by recognizing the diversity of knowledge, arts, and cultures. We design multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, inclusive, and experimental processes to build broad and disruptive visions. We implement experiences with immersive technologies such as volumetric registration, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). This is how our work adds value to companies and organizations.

We use digital technology to generate experiences through the design of creative and narrative processes and content production.

We create


Cultural Heritage

we contribute to the collective memory processes of research, preservation and exhibition by recording and creating evocative narratives of spaces and objects.


we enrich the internal management and visitors' experiences through records and digital narratives of the collections.


We expand the way to appreciate the design of clothing and accessories through digital experiences with augmented reality (AR).

Cultural management and promotion

we exalt the cultural values ​​of specific contexts through the design of narrative and immersive experiences.

Art and architecture

we expand the possibilities of collecting and the aesthetic experience in works of art and architectural spaces through volumetric registration.

We design

Processes in organizations

Philanthropy (fundraising): we design narratives that promote financial support for different causes and initiatives.

Social Projects: we build digital experiences that favor communities.

Strategic Alliances: we create digital pieces that invite others to join forces in search of a common good.

Ocio y entretenimiento: creamos experiencias digitales multisensoriales para eventos.

Bienestar y cultura organizacional: diseñamos narrativas y experiencias que transmiten los procesos y valores propios de una organización en las diferentes áreas que la conforman.

We implement

Technologies we use

Our experience of the world expands thanks to technology. With it, we narrate new ways of living reality.

Augmented, mixed and virtual reality
Volumetric registration
Design of virtual spaces in 3d
Immersive installations

How we transmit information is key to opening up possibilities in different fields. Choosing the correct formats and media allows us to create impactful content.


Luis Antonio Silva

Artist - Digital Humanist

Elder Tobar

Communicator - Digital Humanist

Sandra Barrera

Artist - Digital Humanist

Artists, communicators and digital humanists.Humanidad.digital@gmail.com

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