Experimental Digital Storytelling and Digital Humanities Laboratory

Experimental Digital
Storytelling and Digital Humanities Laboratory

In our lab, we seek convergence between scholarly and creative methods, diverse audiences, and new approaches to research conducted in the University context. We carry out an exchange with researchers and question boundaries between disciplines, fields, and other knowledge, resulting in a joint of digital or mixed (analog and digital) research+creation product. We propose a work not only from academic inputs, but also from experience, emotion, senses, intuition, metaphors, and aesthetics.


In the laboratory, we experiment with a variety of media and languages that encompass different human spheres. The process is divided into the following stages:

Diagnosis: an exchange takes place between the researchers and our team, in which there is an approach to the research on which we will work, and to references of creative products, tools, media, and analog and digital formats.

Definition of research + creation strategy: we define the objectives of dissemination-publication, determine the formats, media, and tools to be used, and target audiences.

Design and production: prototyping, testing, adjustments, and socialization.

University of the Andes, Vice-Presidency of Research and Creation https://investigacioncreacion.uniandes.edu.co/en/home

Category: Experimental Laboratory

Tags: Dissemination, Publication, Digital Humanities, Interdisciplinarity, Research + Creation, Digital Storytelling.

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